Richard Kong Win Chang


I am interested in problem-solving (visual and conceptual) and love things that inspire people to be better and make better things. I enjoy games, movies, concept art, music (lots of it) and generally great concepts that stir people to action or make their lives easier and more manageable. I don't claim to know everything just yet but if you show me I can learn quickly!

I don't really do programming but I have done lots of visual mocks, presentations and/or flowcharts of things that should move or interact. In my experience, more often than not this has saved countless hours of work rather than rushing too soon to coding implementation.

I generally prefer working on site and face to face with people as I believe you achieve much more efficient communication that way but I also have experience working remotely.

Have any questions? feel free to shoot me an e-mail or give me a call :)

Here is my CV:
Last updated 30/04/2010

March 2010 - Current
- Freelance Photography
- Looking for a job casual/part-time/full-time :)

April 2008 - March 2010
Graphic Designer - Interzone Games (Massively Multiplayer Online Games)
- Re-designed the User Interface for Interzone Futebol as part of the team
- Style-matching of previous art assets
- Provided UI concepts, mocks and finals for approval by Art directors, Programming and Game Design Teams
- Implementation and bugfixing of approved concepts
- In-game icon production (1000+)
- Remote management and direction of Chinese development studio for in-game icons/items/art assets production workflow
- Internal documentation and presentations
- Marketing documents and layouts for potential clients and investors
- Occasional light texturing and concept art work

December 2008 - February 2009
Freelance Graphic Designer - Spinfast Games (iPhone App)
- User-interface mock-ups and proposals
- Logo design

Feb 2005 - February 2008
BA Graphic Design, Curtin University, Perth WA, Australia

Also of interest:
My occasional ventures into video editing and After Effects: